Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio is once again shirking his duties to chase dollar signs and ditching a classified hearing on the recent North Korean missile test for the opportunity to wine and dine some deep-pocketed donors in Key Largo, Florida.

Having missed 36% of votes since last January, Rubio has the worst attendance record of any campaigner serving in the Senate.

Following his recent grandstanding in response to North Korea’s missile testing, his longtime condemnations of North Korean affairs, and the regular reminders of his role on the Select Committee on Intelligence and Foreign Relations slot, the choice to miss this particular meeting is especially telling.

In response to the reported hydrogen bomb testing, Rubio’s campaign issued a message saying we need “new leadership that will stand up to people like Kim Jong-un and ensure our country has the capabilities necessary to keep America safe.”

Rubio, if you believe you’re the candidate to do that, shouldn’t you be in the upper chamber instead of campaign fundraisers?