Repug author and blogger Crystal Wright took to the airwaves last week with a confusing message of caution for African Americans and the threat that the Democratic Party supposedly poses to them.

In a recent interview on “Fox and Friends,” Wright discussed her book Con Job and the glorified conspiracy theories it tackles.

Believing that the political party with genuine interest in social justice is purposefully making “black Americans poorer, dumber, and more criminalized,” Wright explained her poorly cobbled together “con” theory, leaving viewers with more questions than answers, but plenty of inflammatory fluff.

Wright claims that dems are allowing for and ignoring black-on-black gun violence – even though a quick internet search shows President Obama addressed the topic only last week – while simultaneously allowing for the terminations of pregnancies by African American women with the pro-choice agenda, thereby “literally killing black Americans from the womb to the streets.”

But here’s the kicker; Wright cited notoriously bigoted Donald Trump as the most pro-black candidate in the race because of his views on immigration. Though it sounds like a joke, sadly there was no sarcasm on the radar.

Check out her nonsensical ramblings for yourself.