GOP candidate Jeb Bush’s newly outline social policies propose huge cuts to social welfare programs, leaving a massive number of Americans in danger of losing their homes and going hungry.

If elected, Bush plans to end food stamps, housing, and cash welfare programs and reroute the money toward individual states for “Right to Rise Grants.” These grants would include requirements for working and time availability limitations for able-bodied adults.

But don’t worry, though he’d be cutting programs like SNAP and TANF that help thousands feed themselves and their families, Jeb’s found a solution to economic stability for struggling families: Marriage.

As part of his social policy, Bush says he will “promote marriage as the most reliable route to family stability and resources” by encouraging states to push parenthood and successful marriage.

For a candidate who has preached about the sanctity of marriage when it served him, the proposition that it now be used as the means for financial gain, on top of the ludicrous insinuation that it could replace legitimate time-tested social programs, is both insulting and invasive.

His antiquated views on marriage and family are unnerving and his proposition to abolish a source of means for many is even more upsetting. Let’s hope the voters let these poorly crafted policies starve so that they don’t.