Things are heating up between Presidential candidates Chris Christie and Marco Rubio, as Christie levels jab after jab at his GOP competitor one month ahead of the Iowa caucus.

Christie had this to say about Rubio on Tuesday:

“I just don’t think Marco Rubio’s going to be able to slime his way to the White House. He wants to put out a whole bunch of negative ads? Go ahead. I hope that he will acknowledge at some point that I couldn’t care less.”

This most recent comment from Christie comes after Rubio criticized Christie for agreeing with President Obama on too many issues including gun control and common core curriculum standards.

Christie had already criticized Rubio for his lack of dedication to his job as a Senator, saying that Rubio was spending too much time campaigning and not enough time voting on important things like the most recent budget.

Many have criticized Christie for his comments, saying that he too had been extremely absent from his state since he announced his candidacy. Christie continues to lash out at various candidates in the hopes that his bulldog-style will catch on with the American people and make him seem tough enough to run the nation, but the result is that he too-often comes out looking the fool.

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