We totally get it.

Some days, it is like the only candidate in the entire 2016 race is Donald Trump, as news outlet after news outlet offer up nothing for their daily segments besides proclamations about the loudmouth scumbag.

While information about a potential future president spewing hateful, racists comments is important to share with the voting public, sometimes it just gets to be too much!

People who are tired of hearing about the ridiculous antics of the presidential candidate need no longer fear as a developer has finally created a Chrome web browser extension which will filter out all mentions of the orange-haired real-estate mogul from your browsing so that you may internet in peace!

Creator Rob Spectre said the program was created “out of a profound sense of annoyance and patriotic duty.”

This is not the only filter of its kind. In fact, there are quite a few extensions which filter out annoying things like other people’s children on Facebook, proof that Santa isn’t real, Star Wars Spoilers, and even the entire 2016 election coverage.

So take a load off, breathe a sigh of relief, and take advantage of technology that will allow you to delude yourself- if only for a moment- into believing that our country might not soon be in the hands of a delusional billionaire.