The full text of the Transpacific Partnership – or SHAFTA as I like to call it – was released early in November. There wasn’t much coverage of the agreement before the text was released – but between Donald Trump’s outrageous campaign and the fact that it’s the middle of the holiday season – news about the agreement has completely fallen out of the public eye. But the agreement hasn’t disappeared – and opponents are still fighting to get the message out that this deal would be a massive corporate handover that would ship more jobs overseas – and also undermine our democracy and American sovereignty. And according to some critics – the consequences of this agreement would go far beyond trade – it could fundamentally alter how Americans are able to express themselves under the first amendment. According to Curtis Ellis – executive director of the American Jobs Alliance – a boycott of the Beverly Hills Hotel that happened last year would technically be illegal under the TPP. That’s because the hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei – and the Sultan would be able sue the United States in a special international court for damages caused by a boycott – according to provisions in the TPP. Curtis Ellis, Obamatrade/American Jobs Alliance joins Thom.

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