What if a video game rewarded players for decisions they make in the real world? That’s exactly what Chinese game developers working with the government have done.

Linking with players’ various online profiles, Sesame Credit rewards “good” behavior and punishes “bad” behavior. The rewards include the ability to get privileges in the real world for obtaining certain score thresholds. Currently, the game won’t punish players for low scores.

As Addicting Info explains:

The idea behind Sesame Credit is just as simple but infinitely more horrifying: Sesame Credit links to your social media accounts and monitors them for “right thinking” posts and rewards you with a higher score. Conversely, it punishes you for being “subversive” by lowering it.

At the same time, it tracks your online purchases through major retailers like Alibaba (China’s version of Amazon) and rewards you for buying “good” products and, again, punishes you for buying “bad” stuff. “Good” and “bad” in this context being whatever the hell corporations and the government say they are.

It’s only a matter of time before this style of game comes to America and previous games have shown how effective positive reward systems can be with players. This may be the perfect weapon to destroy dissent in corporate America.

Watch the explanation of the game from Extra Credits.

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