What in the hell is going on in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s head? Choosing to have the next Democratic debate on a Saturday night is as clear of an indication the the party’s leadership is completely out of touch with reality as there can be. The decision can only be a weak choice to try and bend to the will of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which has wanted few debates.

As Vox discusses:

Democrats are holding a primary debate tomorrow [Saturday], much to the annoyance of political journalists everywhere whose Saturday nights are being ruined. Most galling of all, this appears to be a deliberate tactic to minimize viewership taken by the Democratic National Committee as a favor to Hillary Clinton, who wanted to minimize the number of debates. If that’s right, though, the party has done its frontrunner no favors. It makes sense for Clinton to want to have fewer debates rather than more, but as long as Democrats are going to debate, she should want said debates to be seen by as many people as possible.

So even if the DNC is bending the will of the Clinton campaign, it’s making idiotic decisions about how to do that.