According to recent polls, Bernie Sanders would beat every single Republican frontrunner in a general election, and he’d win by more than Hillary Clinton would. The numbers are in, and the media is still snubbing the longest-serving independent in Congress, and his campaign for president.

According to a report at “Tyndall Report”, Donald Trump’s campaign has received 234 minutes of coverage from all the major network nightly news shows on ABC – CBS and NBC. But somehow, Bernie Sanders has only received a total of 10 minutes of coverage from all three networks combined.

Sanders got 6.4 minutes of coverage from CBS Evening News, as opposed to 65 minutes for Trump. That breaks down to 2.9 minutes of coverage from NBC Nightly News for Sanders, as opposed to 88 minutes for Trump; and Sanders got only 20 seconds – 20 SECONDS – from ABC World News, as opposed to a whopping 81 minutes for Trump on ABC World News.

So – what’s going on here? Is this evidence of how badly the corporate media wants to only support candidates who are strictly commercial and corporate friendly? Or is this just the end result of a media that’s more concerned with entertainment and ratings than covering policies and politics?

Symone D. Sanders, Bernie Sanders Campaign, joins Thom.

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