Trying to surmise exactly how much presidential candidate Donald Trump is actually worth (or even to get a rough estimate) has proven to be almost impossible as the candidate has admitted that he likes to inflate the value of his assets and properties based on “feelings” or in an effort to impress others.

Trump, who boasts his net worth to be more than $10 billion, has disclosed a portfolio worth between $33.4 million and $87.9 million. This number includes investments Trump has made in companies where he is a board member of some sort.

Trump has admitted in interviews that his valuation of his properties, from hotels to golf clubs, are determined by Trump’s whims, saying that appraisals are not required for him to inflate a property’s value by as much as $70 million.

Trump even lied about a paid appearance, saying that he was given $1 million, but later admitting that it was actually $400,000

Trump doesn’t just lie about having lots of money, he lies about not having enough of it. In two of his books, he noted that he lost $9 billion dollars in the 1990’s in an effort to make his comeback seem more impressive to readers. Trump claims that he isn’t sure how that little fib found its way into two of his books but that he didn’t think there was much of a difference between a $3.6 billion debt and a $9 billion one.

Many of Trump’s investments have also been subject to incredible scrutiny as many have gone bankrupt or been subject to giant lawsuits. Trump University, an unaccredited and unlicensed school that was run by trump is being sued for fraud with a $40 million dollar price tag.

Clearly, Trump’s financial situation is an incredibly complex money trail with a man at the head who consistently refuses to tell the truth about his actual worth. Trump clearly doesn’t think there’s much of a difference between a million or a billion, and we wonder if he will care about money if he were controlling all of America’s wealth?

For being such a rich man, he is extremely irresponsible with his assets, and it is a wonder that he isn’t broke by now.

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