Big Pharma/Wall Street scum Martin Shkreli said that he regrets that he didn’t raise the price of an AIDS drug more. Shkreli said that he could have made more money for his shareholders and he should have done that.

As CBS reports:

Asked by an audience member at a healthcare summit hosted by Forbes on Thursday what he’d do differently if he could go back in time to before his highly criticized decision to raise the price of a 62-year-old drug, he replied: “I probably would have raised prices higher, is probably what I should have done. I could have raised it higher and made more profits for our shareholders. Which is my primary duty.”

Shkreli’s company, Turing Pharmaceuticals, is currently the subject of a Senate committee investigation along with other drug companies that increased prices.

“No one wants to say it, no one’s proud of it, but this is a capitalist society, capitalist system and capitalist rules,” said Shkreli, “and my investors expect me to maximize profits, not to minimize them, or go half, or go 70 percent, but to go to 100 percent of the profit curve that we’re all taught in MBA class.”

The drug, Daraprim, at Shkreli’s direction, had its price increased from $13.50 to $750 per pill overnight.

For more on this, read the article from CBS News titled: “Martin Shkreli: I should’ve ‘raised prices higher.’