When Fox News brought Psychiatrist Dr. Kieth Ablow on the show Thursday, it is possible that they were merely hoping for an interpretation from the doctor about the psychology behind Wednesday’s San Bernardino mass shooter. What they got instead (and probably didn’t mind), was a blatantly islamophobic comment wrapped up in an obama-is-the-enemy bow encouraging Americans to act extremely and discriminatorily.

“Why would the president want America to disarm while we are under assault from radical Islam? That’s interesting. why?”

Dr Ablow admitted that “we don’t have the facts, you’re right,” but then quickly went on to extemporate about what he thought Americans should do in response to this terrible attack.

“Listen, if somebody named Syed leaves your party and people say ‘why is Syed leaving,’ you know what? Call the cops. That’s the point at which we’re at in this country. I’m sorry to say it but we’re there, and to do otherwise would be called the psycological force of denial.”


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