Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid took to the Senate floor on Thursday to rail against rampant gun violence in the U.S. and the increased radicalization of the NRA in the wake of Wednesday’s shooting in California. Her are a few key quotes from his speech:

“We as the legislative body of this country do nothing. So I have a question for every member of this body: How can we live with ourselves for failing to do the things we know that will reduce gun violence?”

“We’re complicit through our inaction, and if we continue to fail to act, we’ll be complicit today and every day into the future.”

“The NRA once called mandates for background checks reasonable, I’m not making this up. Now they are transformed in a quasi-militant wing of the Republican party.”

“Einstein said that the definition of insanity is when someone does the same thing over and over again knowing they’re going to get the same result. So we’re wasting our time here today. Everyone knows the result.”


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