Chicago Police Department Superintendent Garry McCarthy has been asked to step down by Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the wake of the controversy surrounding recently released footage showing police brutality.

McCarthy and others worked to keep the video of Laquan McDonald’s death from being publicly released. A statement made by McCarthy at the time of McDonald’s death indicated that the minor was making aggressive moves towards police when he was killed; the released video indicated that report was false.

The officer who killed McDonald fired an astounding 16 rounds at the 17 year old teen, and was recently charged with first degree murder.

Many criticize Mayor Emanuel who they feel is to blame for the obstruction and violence as well. Emanuel called for “fresh eyes and new leadership,” but he was apparently not referring to himself. Firing McCarthy was the right move and a smart one, but it is almost certain a strategic and political move on Emanuel’s part as he hopes to regain approval from his citizens.

Watch Mayor Emanuel’s statement here.

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