Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero has good news for brain-dead GOP Teabaggers: 2017 might just be the year they can start to put those empty heads to good use!

The neurosurgeon is convinced that the transplant of a head from one body to another will be possible by 2017, with the science getting better and cheaper every day.

“A marathon of surgery, somewhere between 36 and 72 hours long and requiring a crew of 150 medics. About 80 of them, Canavero thinks, will need to be surgeons. ‘At first, it will be expensive,’ – around €15m, or £11m, he guesses, admitting that private sponsors are still needed. ‘Later, as the technique gets perfected, the costs will be slashed.'”

Canavero seems to be a pretty strange guy, so we can’t hold our breath about this promise he is making, but if it works, it would be revolutionary.

“The history of mankind is trial and error. But we have to be dreamers. If you don’t dream, you’re not going anywhere. You might call me a bit crazy. A kook. I am! You have to be if you want to change everything.”

The future is a crazy place.

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