Louisiana gubernatorial hopeful David Vitter (R) was dealt a defeat on Saturday when he lost his bid for the governor’s office to State Representative John Bel Edwards (D).

As the Huffington Post reports:

Edwards won 56 percent of the vote, with 99 percent of precincts reporting. “I will not let you down,” he said. “This election shows us that the people of Louisiana in a time of deep cynicism about our politics and our future, have chose hope over scorn… and over a distrust of others.”

Vitter’s campaign has been embroiled in scandal as voters were reminded of a prostitution scandal from 2007 and reports that Vitter’s campaign had hired a private investigator to monitor the local sheriff.

Don’t worry too much about Vitter though, it surely won’t be long before he is making appearances on Fox News as a new commentator.

For more on this, read the article from the Huffington Post titled: “John Bel Edwards Wins Louisiana Gubernatorial Election.