On Thursday’s Late Night with Seth Myers, Myers addressed in one fell swoop the universal stupidity that is running rampant in the Republican candidate pool in the wake of the Paris massacre.

Highlights include

  • Ted Cruz’s Father’s ties to Communism as it relates to Syria: “It’s not like Cruz has ever acknowledged his father used violence to fight for a Communist leader like, say Fidel Castro,” Myers said before cutting to a clip of Cruz talking about how his father threw Molotov cocktails alongside the Communist leader.
  • Carson’s social media team’s sloppiness: “Ben Carson did what terrorists couldn’t- he eradicated Connecticut!”
  • Only an incompetent terrorist would try to come to America via a refugee process: “How’s the infiltration plan going?” Seth says into a pantomime telephone,”Oh not great. Its been 14 months and at my last interview they asked me what my hobbies were and I said ‘death to America'”