From a party that talks non-stop about their constitutional rights, many Republicans are definitely jumping on the “suspend American rights to discriminate against Muslims” bandwagon!

The latest violation of our rights enters downright dangerous territory as Donald Trump, who is currently leading in the polls by a considerable amount, says he “would not rule out” forcing Muslim citizens to wear religious identification badges and be kept under surveillance on a national registry.

Sound familiar to anyone? Maybe that reminds you of some little gold stars that turned out to be a little more than sinister?

If Trump were proposing that we require Christians to wear identification via a national register, he would be out of the race so fast his head would spin. And yet, so many Americans are willfully anti-Islamic that he will undoubtedly garner a standing ovation from racists rather than a very serious reprimand for attempting to take away American rights based on religious discrimination.

It is just sickening at this point what the American public will allow the GOP to get away with.

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