Samson Woldemichael is the latest victim of the growing trend of Islamophobia in America as he was attacked while driving for “looking Muslim.”

Woldemichael was working as an Uber driven in North Carolina when he picked up a passenger who proceeded to berate him, call him various racial slurs, and threaten him with violence. Woldemichael says that the inebriated man called him a Muslim and threatened to shoot and strangle him. The man then attacked Woldemichael, choking and repeatedly hitting him while he was driving.

Woldemichael says that he is a Christian, and a leader at his local church. The forty year old Ethiopian immigrant came to the U.S. nine years ago with his wife and children.

Woldemichael said that he and other immigrants are “Americans in their hearts, and [they] believe in America in their hearts.” Woldemichael is a citizen doing his best to live the American dream while ignorant native citizens lash out at him and so many others like him who have done absolutely nothing wrong.

The suspect has yet to be found, though his name, credit card, and other information are registered to his Uber account.

Read more about this story at The Huffington Post “Uber Driver Says Passenger Mistook Him For A Muslim, Threatened To Kill Him.”

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