During a lively discussion with a group of Republican wingnuts, guest Bo Dietl, former NYPD detective and former Arby’s spokesperson, escalated the islamophobic comments to their illogical conclusion by triumphantly declaring, “let’s stop worrying about people’s rights.”

That bears repeating: Republicans are now advocating for the repression of human and American rights in the name of some sort of convoluted idea of safety and crime prevention.

The comment came during a discussion of Syrian refugees which then tailspun into a discussion against Mosques in America and the need for close surveillance of the religious meeting grounds.

For all of the mud-slinging that Republicans have been doing to decry how Obama is deliberately encroaching on their American rights, they sure seem a-okay with taking away the rights of people who are a different religion than themselves. This holiday season, the evil war on Christmas might be encroached upon by a legitimate “war” of hatred against the religion of Islam.

Watch the exchange here:

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