This Sunday, CNN interviewed Yaser Louati, the spokesman for a French Muslim group Collective Against Islamophobia in France. The hosts repeatedly attempted to force the spokesman to take responsibility for the terrorist attacks in Paris last week. When the spokesman refused to admit that the Muslim community was somehow culpable in the attacks, the hosts became agitated and berated him.

“The problem is that you’re still mixing the Muslim community and somehow giving them an affiliation with these terrorists,” said Louati. “But [French Muslims] are paying two prices. The price of being targeted by these terrorists and some of the right-wing columnists.”

“We are being asked to choose our camp,” he said. “Our camp is the French one. Make no mistake about it.”

“If your camp is the French camp, then why is it that no one within the Muslim community there in France knew what these guys were up to?” asked one of the CNN hosts.

“Sir, the Muslim community has nothing to do with these guys,” Louati replied. “Nothing. We cannot justify ourselves for the actions of someone who claims to be Muslim.”

Watch the interview below.