The semi-collective group known as Anonymous came out in response to the Paris Massacre on Sunday with a declaration of war against the terrorist group ISIS.

Anonymous has a long history of taking a strong moralistic stance against organizations and individuals who they believe to be deserving of punishment. Their actions usually involve online hacking or the location and dissemination of sensitive information to the public.

Most of the time, Anonymous’ actions are laughed off as being ineffective or out of place, but with the extensive online presence that ISIS has been reported to have as part of their recruiting and communication system, the goals of Anonymous might have some legitimate weight behind them.

One day after the release of their video in several languages declaring war against the Islamic State, Anonymous reports that they have already succeeded in removing over 3,800 twitter accounts they believe are linked to ISIS in some way or another. Of course, Anonymous is just a random group of people on the internet and there isn’t any self regulation, so whether these accounts were truly all associate with ISIS is unknown. If they are, it is a positive victory for the keyboard warriors.

Read more at The Huffington Post “Anonymous Declares War On ISIS After Paris Attacks.”

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