U.S. officials, speaking under the condition of anonymity with the Huffington Post have said that they are confident Abu Nabil, the leader of the Islamic State in Libya, has been killed in an American air strike.

“Nabil’s death will degrade ISIL’s ability to meet the group’s objectives in Libya, including recruiting new ISIL members, establishing bases in Libya, and planning external attacks on the United States,” Peter Cook, spokesman for the Pentagon, told HuffPo.

Nabil was an important target within the ISIL organization because of his strong association with the main leadership of the Islamic State.

“There’s a lot of people around the world who call themselves ISIL. But those are people who have taken the ISIL brand and there’s no relationship with the home office,” an official told HuffPo. “But this guy (Nabil) had a no-kidding relationship back with main ISIL.”

The air strike that killed Nabil was the first from the United States against a leader in Libya.

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