During Saturday night’s debate, Senator Bernie Sanders said that he had never seen a politician who accepted money from large corporate donors like those on Wall Street who was not expected to pay that support back in some tangible way. Sanders was referring to Hillary Clinton, of course, who has strong ties to Wall Street including a long history of accepting SuperPAC donations.

While Clinton tried to play off this very strong point by talking about her 60% of female donors and invoking 9/11 in the conversation, the fact is that Clinton’s close connections with Wall Street should make any voter uneasy.

Of course, Clinton could truly be the first candidate to take the money and run, so to speak, but what are the chances of that actually occurring? No, most likely Mrs. Clinton is hoping that the American public will believe that she can accept PAC money without letting it affect her policymaking, while also working to remove the power of SuperPACs in the future.

Anyone who truly believes that such a reality is possible is living in a delusion.

If you do persist to live in that dream world, let Elizabeth Warren wake you up:

Can Hillary Clinton Be Influenced by Money? from ThunderAndRain on Vimeo.


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