Right wing wingnut Ann Coulter wasted no time in the wake of Friday’s attacks by launching into an anti-Muslim Twitter rant, alternating between mocking Paris’ earlier “Je Suis Charlie” incident and calling for a ban on Muslim immigration.

Coulter peppered her remarks with “#Trump2016” hashtags, stating that Trump was as good as elected after the horrible attacks which left at least 127 dead in Paris Friday night.

While Coulter’s opportunistic remarks are disgusting to anyone with any decency and respect for those who are suffering today, they have a sinister implication that we should all be aware of:

Conservatives have already begun to use this attack as a weapon against Muslim people. To those who believe that Islam is the cause of the world’s ills, this attack only confirms what they already thought they knew. Peaceful Muslims the world over must now fear for their lives and livelihoods as the western world once again turns against them.

If we are not vigilant, the fear and panic created by this event could lead to an American shift, bringing the reality of a Trump presidency into sharp focus. This event should inspire unity and mourning, and those who wish to capitalize on the issue for their own political gain are spitting in the face of the French citizenry.

See more of Coulter’s remarks at mediaite “Ann Coulter on Paris Attack: ‘Donald Trump Was Elected President Tonight.’”

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