The NRA has begun a new pro-gun ad campaign called Freedom’s Safest Place which uses fake patriotic language and ominous music in order to try to convey a sense of danger and impending doom regarding ISIS and Islamic extremists.

Images of trains, skyscrapers, the Capitol building and more, all cast in grey scale, flash across the screen as a man who represents the everyday God-fearing American talks directly to an imagined Islamic extremist.

“I cower to no one because I am the National Rifle Association of America”

These ads are nothing more than a reinforcing scare tactic to those who already buy into the idea that Muslims are out to get us and that Americans should cling evermore to their guns. Never mind the fact that we have the strongest military in the world, it is apparently now the job of the every-man to fight the terrorists, whoever they think they are.

Watch the full ad here:

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