For a man who clearly received a substantial amount of college education in order to become a neurosurgeon, Dr. Ben “Malpractice” Carson has declared that a free and equal college education for everyone will spell the ultimate destruction of the nation.

Carson, when referencing a person who has apparently fallen under the spell of evil media and the nebulous “they” who is being told about free college tuition says,

“They’ll say, ‘oh what a wonderful person,’ and they have no idea that all you’re talking about is hastening the destruction of the nation.”

The increased media scrutiny the Good Doctor has received recently has him on defense and nearly every comment he makes publicly is prefaced by some warning not to trust the media and the unnamed “they” who want to take advantage of Americans. Truly, Carson lacks substance on the issues he supports and stands on flimsy ground when talking about anything more than the boogeyman out to get him. His hope is that the back and forth will continue so that he may continue to dodge the issues.

Watch Dr. Malpractice talk about his doomsday prediction here:

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