Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Police Chief Bryan Golden is heading back to work after telling a local news station that a lot of the supposed rape at his school was “women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex.

From local station WALB:

Most of these sexual assaults are women waking up the next morning with a guilt complex. That ain’t rape, that’s being stupid. When the dust settles, it was all consensual. It doesn’t happen here. It doesn’t show up here. They’re about as much a rape as a goat roping.

Golden was suspended for his comments, though he denies making them.

As Talking Points Memo reports:

[…] Golden did not provide a comment to the television station but has denied his original comments. WALB reported that Golden had been suspended without pay over the comments, but the station did not say how long the suspension was for.

WALB reports that Golden is “undergoing sexual assault sensitivity training.”

For more on this, read the article from Talking Points Memo titled: “University Police Chief: Most Campus Rapes Are Women With ‘A Guilt Complex.’