It’s always refreshing when Republican candidates work to destroy their party without any Liberal intervention. During Tuesday’s debate Rand Paul, the radical Senator from Kentucky, took any chance he could to call out what he saw were inaccuracies and contradictions in the comments made by his fellow debaters.

The exchanges were particularly heated between Paul and Marco Rubio. Rand’s libertarian-leaning politics appeared in comments calling fiscally conservative Rubio out on his hypocrisy when it came to his eagerness to throw money at the military budget.

Rand was not afraid to interrupt Rubio to question his policy proposals:

How is it conservative to add a trillion dollar expenditure for the federal government that you’re not going to pay for? How is it conservative to add a trillion dollars of military expenditure?

At this rate, Democrats merely have to sit back and allow the Republicans to fracture and destroy their own party.

Watch the full exchange here:

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