Not only has Ohio Governor John Kasich drastically reduced his state’s use of Medicare and Medicaid, he recently bragged about it at the GOP debate and promised that he could “do it thrice” to the entirety of the United States if elected.

Kasich said that he somehow did not cut benefits or kick anyone off of the programs, but reduced the ten percent growth down to two-and-a-half percent. He must have some black magic up his sleeves, because no one can figure out how he Houdini’d those numbers. Regardless, Kasich claims that he can do the same thing to the national numbers if elected.

Of course, with this huge chunk of money taken from the poor, elderly, and disabled, Kasich had ideas about where the savings will be spent. “We freeze non-defense discretionary for eight years,” Kasich said, “we also put an increase in defense spending.”

In case you are confused, Kasich vowed that he would slash social programs, which are extremely important for the massive elderly population in this country, in order to pad an already bloated defense budget.

Out of all of the things this nation needs, a stronger military is not one of them. Kasich and Republicans like him are cashing in on America’s patriotism and post 9/11 fear of terrorism in order to disadvantage the poor and disabled.

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