Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is trying to defend Ben Carson. In an interview with the Daily Beast, Cain said that Carson is the victim of unfair attacks from liberals because of his race.

“Ben Carson is not only a conservative, he is a conservative who happens to be black. There is only one group of people that liberals hate worse than conservatives, and that’s conservatives who happen to be black,” said Cain. “The reason for that is real simple. They resent conservatives who happen to be black for leaving the Democratic plantation. And you can quote me on that.”

Cain also had harsh criticism for the publication Politico for its treatment of Carson.

“Clearly Ben Carson did not lie,” said Cain. “Politico lied because they said he fabricated a story, when in fact, they fabricated a headline. At this point I think that Ben is winning this round.”

For more on this, read the full interview from the Daily Beast titled: “Herman Cain: Media Wants Blacks to Stay on Dem Plantation.