Fox and Friends’ Bryan Kilmeade asserted Wedneday morning that people who pursue intellectual and liberal arts education rather than technical skills are less successful and practically wasting their time.

“Plato would have been so much more successful if he had just welded and stopped yapping about his philosophy,” Kilmeade said.

The comment came during an interview with Sen. Marco Rubio who made similar comments at Tuesday night’s debate. Rubio argued for more technical jobs in the US and an increased emphasis on technical education over subjects like philosophy. The example he used as a preferred career was a welder, which is why Kilmeade suggested that Plato solder rather than wax poetic.

The anti-intellectual movement in the conservative party is not a new one, and this is just another jab at liberal arts education and its many benefits. The republican party is evidence enough of what happens when you don’t focus enough on critical thinking and intellectual pursuits.

Hear the full exchange below, starting at 4:25.



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