At the upcoming GOP debate, Marco Rubio will make his bid for the position of Establishment Candidate in the Republican Party, hoping to replace drowning Jeb Bush and gain a sizable chunk of unclaimed donations.

Tonight’s debate will feature a slimmed down stage featuring a mere eight Republican candidates in Milwaukee as they battle for who can be the most “God Bless America”-like. With a faltering Bush, and other candidates being too controversial or fringe for traditional donors to get behind, attention is quickly turning to Rubio as the GOP’s only hope.

Several top fundraisers have come out for Rubio recently, with several jumping ship from the Jeb! campaign. Raw Story reports that “Because of his relative youth, Cuban-American background, and telegenic appeal, Rubio, 44, has long been viewed by pundits as perhaps the party’s best hope to defeat the likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton.”

Rubio is relatively inexperienced and Republicans may be hoping to cash in on the “new guy on the block” strategy which proved successful for President Obama. Of course, a Republican who can be compared in any way to Obama is dead in the water.

Of course, the experience of the Democratic candidates far outweigh Rubio’s, so the establishment can throw as much money as they want at Rubio, but they might as well just throw it to the wind.

For more on this story, visit Raw Story  “Debate gives Marco Rubio chance to win over big-money Republican donors.”

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