With Tim Wolfe resigning, right wing howlers are in an uproar claiming that it’s completely inappropriate for the University of Missouri president to bend to the will of protestors.

Rush Limbaugh led the pack:

Rush Limbaugh: Well that may be the end of college football as we know it. It just might be. It just could be. Only time will tell but if you think this is the end of something you don’t know liberalism. This is the continuation of something.


The Ben Carson story continues to explode or percolate. Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live Saturday night, eh, not a big deal to a lot of people. And then we have a Republican debate coming up tomorrow night on the Fox Business Network. But what’s happening on the American college campus, the vaunted academy to me takes the top spot in the stack of stuff today. For those of you who are just now getting attuned to whats happening during the day the University of Missouri’s embattled president has resigned. His name is Tim Wolfe. He just quit, just resigned because of committing the crime of being a white male.


On campus at the University of Missouri, I did not attend, a family did, but I’m not a member of the alma mater there. Now if you haven’t been following this story, this is a social justice warriors story. Some of the students at Mizzou have been calling for the president of the university to resign.


The pressure on the university president, I guess it really began, a student began a hunger strike with a list of demands. None of them specific. If you go through the list of demands here and the complaints you don’t find anything specific. You find the major problem is that there are too many white people in this place. And they apparently are not nice enough or considerate enough to the 10% of the people there who are black. And so there has to be some changes.

On Twitter, Ben Shapiro said, “They just declared at University of Missouri that white people must be fired for being white.”

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