Jeb Bush is a walking gaffe. Whether he’s commenting on how “hot” the new Super Girl is or continually failing to “reboot” his campaign into a “comeback,” the guy just keeps putting his foot in his mouth. Now, while trying to cash in on a several-weeks-old trend, Jeb has claimed that he would kill baby Hitler, if he had the chance.

As Salon reports:

Back in October, the New York Times Magazine trolled the internet on a quiet Friday afternoon when it polled its readers on whether or not they would go back and kill Hitler as a baby.

For some reason, when asked about his most interesting email today, Jeb joked with the Huffington Post that first he’d have to sift through to find an example that was not “x-rated” before gleefully sharing his thoughts on baby Hitler.

“Hell yeah, I would!” Jeb declared when asked if he would, in fact, travel back in time to kill baby Hitler. “You gotta step up, man.”

So, if he’s willing to go back and take out Hitler, why not Cheney?

For more on this, read the article from Salon titled: “‘But would Jeb abort fetus Hitler?’: Twitter has a heyday with Bush’s promise he’d kill Baby Hitler.