Presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz is the second presidential candidate to make a faith-based distinction on what religious group he feels deserves to hold the office of the President.

“Any president who doesn’t begin every day on his knees isn’t fit to be commander-in-chief of this country,” Cruz said at the National Religious Liberties Conference in Iowa. Cruz is very committed to his religious identity, and is part of the paranoid group that believes that Liberals are working to remove religion from American society.

Cruz’s comment comes not long after Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson argued that Muslim individuals should be barred from the presidency unless they formally renounced the Quran. Cruz’s comment did not call for an official ban of atheists in the presidency, but the message is clear.

Republicans in particular seem to confuse their own religious beliefs with the beliefs of a nation on a regular basis, and it is this confusion which causes them to argue for legislation and political influence based on biblical scripture and religious doctrine. The Far Right is eager to tell others what they should and should not be doing, both in public office and in private. They have an extremely limited view of what is acceptable, and they are not willing to deviate in their expectations of others even if they themselves do not personally follow the doctrine of their own beliefs.

For more on Cruz’s comments, read the Huffington Post “Ted Cruz: An Atheist ‘Isn’t Fit To Be’ President”

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