Marco Rubio has been fighting off accusations about his financial choices. It’s obvious that Rubio is sloppy and reckless with his finances, commingling personal expenses with party business. From 2005 to 2008, Rubio spent over $160,000 on his Republican party credit card and refuses to speak about what he spent the money on in detail.

Rubio has consistently stated that the matter of his spending is an internal party matter and claims he did nothing wrong.

This is a list of some of the things Rubio has bought, according to Addicting Info:

  1. $1,800 for food and hotels at Walt Disney World
  2. $709 worth of flowers from florists over a two year period
  3. A stay at the Conrad Hotel Atrio in Miami for $309.98 and $260.91 food and beverage charge at the resort
  4. A stay at the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel in Miami ($162.07)
  5. Meals in New Hampshire before the 2008 primary ($140)
  6. $1,221 worth of hotels and food for a 2007 trip to Boston
  7. A $328.80 Washington, D.C. to Miami Dealta Airlines flight for his wife
  8. A $444.40 Miami to Tallahassee flight purchase for Mrs. Rubio
  9. A three-stop ticket for Miami, Denver, and Aspen for his wife, clocking in at $723.60

For more on this, read the article from Addicting Info titled: “9 Things Marco Rubio Bought On His Spending Spree With Someone Else’s Credit Card.