The ridiculous circus act that is the GOP debates has dwindled to a oh-so-modest eight as Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee fail to secure the required polling percentages to join their fellow clowns on the main stage.

For the upcoming November 10 Republican presidential debate Fox Business Network announced that they would be giving the two candidates the boot as they failed to meet an average of 2.5 percent support in recent national polls. Of course, a kids table debate will be provided for the candidates that just won’t give up; Christie and Huckabee will be joining Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal for the prequel debate that few will see.

It was always expected that Huckabee wouldn’t go the distance in the Republican primary but Christie’s failure has come as a surprise as he was once considered a GOP golden child. Christie’s campaign was hopeful that he would experience a comeback after a recent video released by The Huffington Post went viral, but it appears that it was too little too late. Regardless, anyone who is weary of this absurd parade of Right Wing clowns should greet the demotion of two of the candidates as a welcome change.

The illusions of grandeur held by many in the Republican party continues to astound all onlookers as clear losers hold on for dear life to the debate stage. All are hoping that their latest lie will be the long-shot needed to catapult them, acrobat-style, to the top of the pyramid of Republican monkeys.

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