Despite a recent history of tension between NBC and Donald Trump and a rash of protests from groups who are against the pairing, Trump will be allowed to spread his Latino-hating rhetoric on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The tempestuous love story between NBC and Trump has been and continues to be a relationship fraught with conflict and broken promises which rivals the likes of Romeo and Juliet or even Kim and Kanye. The on-again off-again couple seems to be on once more, if for nothing more than a weekend romp of Saturday Night Live.

NBC had vowed in the past to distance themselves from the loud-mouthed Republican, and yet now they seem to have reneged on that decision.  A sign of things to come, it seems, from the formerly liberal-leaning network that has seen a dramatic shift toward the right in recent months.

Those unconvinced might do well to look at the recent changes that have taken place at MSNBC. Left leaning programs have been unapologetically axed to make room for less substantiative programs like conservative-dominated Morning Joe which has been given an extra hour on the network each weekday.

Sources at MSNBC have declared that left-leaning politics aren’t pulling in the viewership that they once did and rather than work to fix that issue by providing higher quality liberal news and broadcasts, they have jumped ship straight into the arms of the good-for-TV Trump who is sure to pull in record audiences at the expense of American politics and media.

Read more about this issue at The Huffington Post “Live From New York: It’s A Saturday Night Trumptroversy.”

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