Dr. Ben Carson, the foremost expert on pediatric neurosurgery and comparing any and everything to slavery said last year that many Americans are “stupid.”

The audience laughed indulgently at Carson’s comments but the reality of the matter is that Dr. Carson is himself a viable candidate for the label of stupid. Dr. Carson mentioned the idea of unintelligent Americans while talking about the way the liberal media and liberal agenda attempt to “infiltrate school systems” and “fundamentally change this nation.” According to Dr. Carson, the stupid Americans are those who support and encourage liberal ideals and not, in fact, those who believe that the Democrats have some sort of secret Illuminati-style agenda.

While Dr. Carson will always have the accolades of his accomplishments as a neurosurgeon to make him feel superior, his shocking lack of knowledge about the way American politics and society function places him solidly in the category of not-so-bright.

Hear more about what Dr. Carson has to say about the intelligence of the American people:


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