Cary Sharp, husband to the Mayor of the small Oklahoma town of Lahoma, says dressing up as a member of the KKK and acting as though he was going to burn a cross was simply a poorly conceived “prank.”

“Sit around the bonfire and drink a couple of beers and thought well my buddy his last name is White and the subject got brung [sic] up,” said Sharp.

“There was no cross that burned,” Sharp told the local news station. “It was held behind the fire to look like it was burning, but there was no fire. The pictures we’ve seen claimed they were burning one, but there was not one burnt.”

Gawker reports:

Cross-burning or not, the display caught the attention of a concerned resident, who called the sheriff’s department.

The witness was informed by sheriff’s deputies that the incident, while in “poor taste,” was legal, though Sharp and his pals agreed to extinguish the flames and change when asked by a deputy.

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