CNBC is a pathetic excuse of a news network because it caved to the demands of Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ben Carson. More recently, the Republican National Committee has boycotted NBC from providing the debate in February.

Corporate media is too weak, too lame to stand up to the Republican loudmouths who piss and moan until they get their way like a bunch of whiny children. The networks will give in to the candidates because it’s all about ratings and revenue for them. The candidates always complain about the “liberal media bias,” but they’re the ones who want to control the media by restricting what questions moderators can ask.

There are very few people in the corporate media who will actually stand up against the sorry field of Republican candidates. Surprisingly, Fox News host Megyn Kelly will take any of the candidates to task without blinking, and Anderson Cooper would likely be tough on the GOP candidates as well. But the RNC would never allow Cooper be a moderator.

By and large, mainstream corporate media will always cower to the GOP candidates. It’s up to independent media outlets to call them on it.

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