Noah Harpham, as identified by his neighbors, shot and killed three people this Saturday while walking down the street. He was armed with a pistol, an AR-15, and carried a can of gasoline.

Carrying his weapons in plain view, he then refused police officer requests that he surrender his firearms. Police accordingly opened fired on the lone gunman.

Earlier this week, Harpham started a blog which showcased his unsettled nature,

As the Gazette reports:

Noah Harpham, whose blog begins with the address where Saturday’s shooting started, rages against a California mega-church pastor.

“Welcome to mind control,” Harpham wrote.

In Colorado Springs, Harpham, 33, lived modestly in a series of apartments and worked in insurance.

The 6-foot-5 Harpham called himself “a big friendly giant.”

Harpham’s struggles with substance abuse were documented by his mother, Heather Kopp, in her book “Sober mercies: How love caught up with a Christian Drunk.”

When her son quit drinking and sought help through Alcoholics Anonymous in 2007, his mother thought “It’s quite possible there’s a miracle afoot.”

On his online dating profile, Harpham described himself as a libertarian:

[…] reading heartbreaking works of staggering genius; reading about free-market theory, the Austrian school of economics, and libertarian philosophy; […]

He’d even posted a video to YouTube.

Only in America can a whacko like this get any gun he chooses.

For more on this, read the article from the Gazette titled: “Colorado Springs gun wrote rambling blog 2 days before shooting spree.