Pick any network (except Fox) and there’s a Republican presidential candidate who wants to dictate the rules of its debate. Whether Trump is banning Telemundo or the minor candidates are arguing that they shouldn’t be put in separate debates, the GOP is not happy with how the debates are being organized.

As Gawker reports:

According to the New York Times, resentment against the way that the debates operate has been simmering for a while, only to boil over after CNBC’s last week. “There’s no question that last week’s debate was a disaster,” the Republican National Committee’s communications director, Sean Spicer, said. “Our candidates deserve the best format and the best stage to articulate their vision.”

On Friday, the Times reports, the RNC suspended a debate scheduled for February to be hosted by NBC News and Telemundo, and on Sunday the committee promoted its chief operating officer and former chief counsel, Sean Cairncross, to negotiate terms of the debates with the TV networks going forward.

For more on this, read the article from Gawker titled: “Republican Presidential Candidates Want to Force Networks (Except Fox) to Change the Debates.