Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has called for sweeping changes in the format for upcoming Republican presidential debates, such as removing them from television and showing them on the internet. They should be taken off television; they are a total embarrassment.

Carson also proposed that candidates be given more time to speak and that moderators should be given less time to ask questions. This proposal is certainly a response to the failed CNBC debate held last Wednesday. Also, he proposed that candidates get at least five minutes for opening and closing statements.

Furthermore, he wants to reduce the number of debates altogether.

“We also think there are too many debates,” Carson spokesman Doug Watts said Saturday. “They’re all bunched up and they really do take a lot of time away from the campaign and they take a lot of financial resources for us to be able to work on them.”

Is this another GOP attempt to keep voters misinformed? It’s likely. By reducing the amount of debates, candidates would be able to keep voters from having an informed concept of how terrible they are.

For more on this story, visit the Wall Street Journal “Carson Calls for Major Changes in GOP Debate Format, Distribution”


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