The state of Minnesota is trying to deal with a prison overcrowding problem, and the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) said they have a plan. However, Minnesotans have responded to the for-profit prison company with a resounding “no.”

CCA is notorious for housing inmates in below-average facilities, underpaying employees, and lobbying state legislatures to pass frivolous “tough on crime” laws that actually perpetuate crime and prison crowding.

They develop contracts with states stating there must be a 90 percent housing rate, or else the state pays a fee. The result is that states are now compelled to keep crime rates up to ensure that they don’t pay the CCA. Meanwhile, countless amounts of people are imprisoned for long periods of time over petty crimes.

Minnesota’s denial of the CCA illustrates a progressive move to combat for-profit prisons that destroy lives. Companies like the CCA want people to commit crime because crime maintains their profit margin.

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