CNBC’s hosts leveled some pointed questions on the Republican candidates during the recent debate. That didn’t go over well with the conservative propaganda machine at Fox News. The “Fox and Friends” hosts decided to criticize the CNBC hosts during their interview with Senator Marco Rubio.

“It seems universal, the big loser was CNBC. What kind of agenda did they have going, going into that debate with you guys last night?” asked Steve Doocy.

“I don’t think it’s atypical from what you see among most people in the mainstream media, which is privately they believe they’re smarter than the people running, and they can’t wait for their chance to show off in front of their buddies by asking some question they think is going to embarrass us, especially Republicans,” said Rubio.

As the show went on, Elisabeth Hasselbeck chimed in.

“Senator, we asked our viewers to send in questions, as the moderators did such a lousy job getting to the issues. We’re giving our viewers, though, a chance to get to the answers,” said Hasselbeck. “Had you been president the night of our consulate in Benghazi was attacked, what would you have done differently?”

“Well, first of all, if I had been president, that consulate would have been either not been open or would have been better secured because we knew that was a dangerous place,” said Rubio.

Watch the interview with Rubio via Fox below.