With all of the crazy news that comes from Florida, it’s no real surprise that the State’s Republican Senator, Marco Rubio, is a disappointment to his position. Failing to show up for the majority of votes and then making excuses that the votes weren’t that important anyway, Rubio shows that he is the senator Florida deserves.

In an editorial published on Tuesday, the Sun-Sentinel called for Rubio’s resignation, claiming that his failure to engage with the Senate because he didn’t like the way it worked was no excuse.

From the Sentinel:

Sorry, senator, but Floridians sent you to Washington to do a job. We’ve got serious problems with clogged highways, eroding beaches, flat Social Security checks and people who want to shut down the government.

Let us elect someone who wants to be there and earn an honest dollar for an honest day’s work. Don’t leave us without one of our two representatives in the Senate for the next 15 months or so.

You are paid $174,000 per year to represent us, to fight for us, to solve our problems. Plus you take a $10,000 federal subsidy — declined by some in the Senate — to participate in one of the Obamacare health plans, though you are a big critic of Obamacare.

You are ripping us off, senator.

For more on this, read the article from the Sun-Sentinel titled: “Marco Rubio should resign, not rip us off.