During the Republican debate, Chris Christie claimed that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders plans to raise “your” taxes to 90 percent. It’s a flat out lie.

“The socialist says they’re going to pay for everything and give you everything for free, except they don’t tell you they’re going to raise your taxes to 90 percent to do it,” said Christie.

Donald Trump echoed a similar sentiment regarding Democrats in Richmond at a rally.

“This maniac that was standing on [Hillary Clinton’s] right is giving everything away, so she’s following,” said Trump. “He’s gonna tax you people at 90 percent. He’s gonna take everything. And nobody’s heard the term communist, but you know what? I’d call him a socialist/communist, okay? ‘Cause that’s what he is.”

Politifact investigated the claim that Bernie Sanders will raise taxes 90 percent and found the following:

Christie said that “Sanders’s plan is “to raise your taxes to 90 percent.”

Sanders hasn’t released an official tax plan, either for billionaires or for anyone else. But based on his previous comments and proposals, the tax policies Sanders is advocating are targeted at corporations and affluent Americans.

Sanders has dismissed the notion that he wants to set marginal tax rates for billionaires at 90 percent. And on the whole, his tax proposals so far do not envision raising “your taxes” — that is, those of ordinary Americans — to anything approaching 90 percent.

This is a grossly misleading characterization of the extent and scope of Sanders’ [sic] plan, so we rate Christie’s claim Pants on Fire.

For more on this, read the article from Politifact titled: “Chris Christie says Bernie Sanders’s plan is to ‘raise your taxes to 90 percent.’