During Wednesday night’s debate, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal said that he would absolutely do to the national economy what he did to the economy of his own state. That’s not good.

When Jindal came into office in Louisiana, the state was running with a budget surplus and after years with Jindal in power, the government is running with a $1.6 billion budget gap. Jindal was asked about his policy during the debate.

“When you came into office with a budget surplus in the state of Louisiana, now years later the state legislature faced a $1.6 billion budget gap and the Republican State Treasurer called one of your approaches to that problem ‘nonsense on a stick,'” said moderator John Harwood. “Are you going to do for the federal budget what you did for the Louisiana budget?”

“Absolutely, John,” Jindal answered.

“We’ve reduced the size of government, that’s what exactly we need to do in D.C. In D.C., the Republicans slow the growth rate, they claim victory — that’s not enough,” said Jindal.